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....CIRCLE and OVAL labels

   STEP 1: Choose Label Shape and Size

   Choose any size from the pricing grid on previous page.

   STEP 2: Choose Label Stock

   White Gloss         Yellow Gloss           Gold Foil/
   or Litho            or Litho               Dull or Shiny

   Silver Foil/        Yellow                 Red
   Dull or Shiny       Fluorescent            Fluorescent

   Orange              Green                  Pink
   Fluorescent         Fluorescent            Fluorescent

   Weatherproof Label Stocks

    Finished labels will be over-laminated with a clear polypropylene lm.

   White Polyethylene  White BOPP             Clear Polypropylene
   50% upcharge,       50% upcharge,          50% upcharge,
                                              Silver Polyester
   White Vinyl         White Polyester        50% upcharge,
   50% upcharge,       50% upcharge,

   STEP 3: Choose Ink Color

   Standard ink colors

   Black               Red              Yellow

   Re ex Blue          Green            Brown

   Process Blue        Violet           Hunter Green

   Burgundy            Orange           Teal

   Golden Yellow       Rubine Red

   More ink colors: $15.00* per color.

   Dark Gray           Light Gray       Light Blue
   Light Green         Warm Red         Pink

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